Getting help to those who need it most!

Estrella Helps is a platform designed to connect those affected by COVID-19 with those who are willing and able to help. We want to release a ridiculous amount of compassion, kindness and generosity into our local communities.

Join in helping our community.

Click the buttons below if you're ready to sign up to help. You can scroll down for more information on how we are helping your neighbors during this crisis.

What are we trying to do?

We want to connect volunteers ready to engage and serve our community with those in need. If you are willing to run errands, deliver groceries and supplies, give financial assistance, or pray for both our medical professionals and those affected by COVID-19, we will equip you to make a difference.

Who are we serving?

We want to help medical professionals on the front lines of battling COVID-19, as well as our elderly community, schools, and those closest to us who are being severely impacted. If you are able, join us in making a difference.

What we can do to help...

Run Errands

It may be unsafe for our neighbors to simply go to the store for food or home supplies. This may be as simple as picking up groceries and delivering them to a home.


We have parents that have lost childcare solutions in the midst of this crisis and are looking for help. You can provide that help and meet a huge need for these families.

Financial Assistance

We are accepting donations that will go directly to those in need. This will include purchasing supplies and groceries to be delivered.

Prepare Meals

Cook meals that can be delivered straight to a neighbor's door, ready for their family to enjoy a nice dinner together.

Deliver Supplies

We have supplies that need to be transported. You can pick them up from us and deliver them to a family in need. All you need is your vehicle.


We do not know every need that will arise, but you have skill sets (plumber, electrician, etc.) and we want to be able to connect you and your skills with someone who is looking or needs your expertise.

Join in Praying for our community.

We not only desire to meet the physical needs in our community, but the spiritual ones too. Click the button below to join a team of people praying for every need that is submitted. Or, submit a prayer request for our team.

Who is The Church at Estrella?

The Church at Estrella is a local church here in Estrella that formerly met in Westar Elementary School. We love Estrella and want to demonstrate it by being The Church and looking like Jesus.